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NDIS plan management

made easy

What is NDIS plan management ?

Plan management is one of four options when managing your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds.  The four options are:

  1. Agency Managed.  This is where NDIS registered providers receive payment directly from the NDIS.

  2. Self Managed.  The participant is responsible for managing their own plan's funds. This involves paying provider invoices, making payment claims via the NDIS portal and, keeping track of the plan's budget.

  3. Plan Managed.  A plan manager (ie an accountant or bookkeeper) manages the plan for the participant.

  4. A combination of the above.

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Who uses plan management?

NDIS plan management is a great option for people who -

  • are busy with work, study, taking care of the family, or just life in general;

  • don't have access to a computer and so can't log onto the NDIS portal;

  • don't feel confident to do self management;

  • have difficulty dealing with paperwork.

What we do?

As your plan manager, Jelly Bean Accounts will -

  • liaise with your providers and suppliers,

  • make service bookings and payment claims on the NDIS portal,

  • pay invoices on your behalf,

  • monitor your budget,

  • send a monthly progress report to you with copies of all invoices paid.

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Quick facts about Jelly Bean Accounts

  • Independence is important when it comes to managing your NDIS funds.  We are completely independent and are not associated or affiliated with any other NDIS service provider.

  • Our purpose is to empower participants to understand and fully take control of their NDIS funds.

  • Our mission is to make NDIS plan management easy for you.

  • We value transparency, simplicity, trustworthiness, respectfulness, and accessibility for everyone.

  • Jelly Bean Accounts is managed by Julie Gibson.  Julie has a bachelor's degree in accounting with 15 years of accounting work experience.

  • We have been a registered NDIS provider since 2016.

  • We service Australia wide.

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How much does it cost?

Let your NDIS planner know that you want to be 'plan managed'.  There will be no cost to you if a plan management budget is included in your NDIS plan.

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What next?

If you'd like to know more about Jelly Bean Accounts contact Julie at:

Phone:  02 4063 1400


Post:     P O Box 815, Toronto NSW 2283

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